Advanced Investor

Advanced Investor Resources and Services

The strategies for the advanced investor might not necessarily bring a different level of complexity from that of the beginning or intermediate investors as far as investment choices are concerned. Some of the major differences come when discussing tax strategies and situation-specific estate planning tools. It is our focus to be on the cutting edge when looking at solutions that benefit our clientele. If there is a tax strategy that can be employed, we work in conjunction with our clients’ tax preparers to ensure that the situation works for the needs of the client but will do what we are looking to accomplish. Much the same, if there is a strategy to pass along wealth from generation to generation and it needs to have an estate planning attorney involved, we are proactive with having the right people working on the project to make sure that the clients’ needs are being met.

In working with advanced investors there are instances where we are looking at unique strategies and scenarios that might not be available to a beginning or intermediate investor. There are certain types of investments where a person has to have a certain net worth or level of income to even qualify to purchase certain types of investments. Different income brackets or levels of net worth bring different challenges to the table and to the financial planning process. Our focus is to make sure that we are providing the ideas that will make our clients successful in their individual planning so that they may achieve their personal goals.

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