Planning a Vacation

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By Robert DeVore

We have noticed a trend in the insurance world that is VERY similar to that of the financial world. People are NOT taking the time to plan and prepare for their retirement. Likewise, people are NOT taking the time to make sure their assets are properly protected with the right insurance coverage. Our society has plenty of time to text/email, play Candy Crush, plan vacations or play video games. But when it comes to knowing what their retirement numbers are, what the contents of their home are worth, or if their new trampoline, jewelry or ever growing collection of shoes is covered, they don’t seem to have the time.

How many of you have heard “15 minutes can save you 40%?” But the real question is “When a crisis happens, are you confident that you have the right coverage in place?” That 15 minutes could actually cost you tens-of-thousands of dollars in the long run. Our agent, Craig Henley, has noticed that 90% of all quotes and comparisons he has done in the last year (and he did a LOT) have two major problems. No. 1: People don’t know what their coverage’s and limits are. No. 2: More often than not, people didn’t have the right amount of coverage in place.

We started the insurance division to assist our clients in avoiding these very problems. We were consistently hearing from clients when we were reviewing their finances, that they needed assistance in the area of property insurance.

At Baron Financial Group we are a full service financial firm. When we were consistently finding errors in the insurance area, it was disturbing. We could see there was a definite need and wanted to help our clients make sure that part of their financial life was covered. So please take some time out of your busy schedule to look over your coverage. Here are a few things to look for:
1. Check to make sure there are no big ticket items that you have purchased since your last insurance review. And if you’re not familiar with the term “insurance review,” that should be your first cause for concern.
2. Make sure when you refinanced your home that it didn’t result in a needed change in coverage.
3. Make sure that you have adjusted your insurance to cover any new drivers. If your 16 year old has an accident that turns in to a 4 car pileup, your liability limits better cover their mistake.
4. You may need to look at getting an umbrella policy if your financial situation has changed.

There are lots of important topics that need to be touched on each year. Point is, if you continue to NOT know how you are covered, when the unthinkable does happen, you will have to find out the hard way. We realize that time is valuable. But the reality is, can you afford to not take the time? You don’t want to have to worry about money when you’re dealing with an unfortunate situation. Be proactive with your finances and especially your insurance. You will sleep better knowing your agent is there for you when you need him. You won’t have to call asking “Am I covered for this?” Instead you can call and say “Craig, oops, I did it again. Please help me start my claim…”

Better peace of mind…. Nothing better than knowing you’re covered when “life happens.”

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