We provide a variety of services to assist you with your financial planning

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Insurance & Annuities:

Insurance is a big part of the planning process when it comes to a financial plan. From a term insurance policy to protect your family to larger, permanent policies to take care of potential tax liability for estate tax purposes, the planners at the Baron Financial Group, LLC know how important it is to include insurance into your financial plan. Being independent insurance agents, we do not have to use one particular company or strategy to benefit our clients. When quoting insurance products, we can literally look at multiple companies at the same time to not only find the best quote for your needs, but we can look at the financial strength of the companies as well. It is important to us to find products that meet the needs of our clients but to also utilize companies that we know will provide great customer service throughout the life of the policy.

Along with all types of life insurance solutions, we also provide solutions for health insurance, Medicare supplement and Part D coverage, long-term care coverage as well. All of these products can help decrease out of pocket expenses, thus being an important part of your financial plan.

Another type of insurance product that we may utilize in the planning process is an annuity. There are many strong opinions and perhaps some misconceptions about annuities and what they may be used to accomplish. We do not believe that everyone is a fit for an annuity purchase but we may look towards these types of products when a client desires some principal protection – either through use of a death benefit or an income stream. Depending on the individual goals of the client, an annuity can offer some stability and even be used as a foundation piece for the overall portfolio.

Business Owners:

Baron Financial Group, LLC provides many different services to business owners. From consulting about retirement plan design to insurance policies for key employees or for a buy/sell agreement, our planners have the knowledge to make some business decisions less stressful for an owner of a company. We also offer employee benefit programs such as group life and health insurance.

On the retirement plan side, we can provide solutions on what type of retirement plan will best suit your company. We can then implement the change from one carrier to another and we service the plan once it is in place with the new carrier. We are often used by our business clients as a resource to their employees should they have any questions not only about the company’s retirement plan but about other aspects of financial planning as well. Any retirement plan consultation is done free of charge as a service to the business community.

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