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Paying for College

A top priority for parents of all ages and stages is how to best pay for their child’s college education.

When it comes to education expenses, the financial representatives at Baron Financial Group will review several different options and compare plan features to determine which education plan is right for you and your family. It’s not just the cost of tuition that comes into play, but also income limitations, maximum yearly contributions, and tax consequences.

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, relative, or friend, you can open a tax-sheltered 529 account with a child as beneficiary for as little as $25. We can help you pick investments, assign a beneficiary, and determine how the money is used. You can also potentially benefit from the state tax deduction if you’re a Missouri resident. A 529 account isn’t limited to tuition at a state university either.

You can use it to pay for tuition, room and board (with limitations), books, supplies, fees, equipment, computers, internet access and related services, compute software, and more. Our financial planners can help you determine if this needs to be in your college funding mix, and set up a plan to help you reach your family’s educational goals.

We can help you reach your family’s educational goals.

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